Tej Chauhan for RADO Switzerland
Aalto University Will Donation
Helsinki Town Hall 50 Years
Artek Tupla
Aalto Fundraising Campaign
Garbage Truck Visuals
Teemu Selänne for NOLLA
Photography & Video for AICCI. A lighting fixture and table two-in-one.
Artek Conscious Consumption posters. Buy now keep forever.
Mandatum Life Cinemagraphs
Stills & Cinemagraphs AD Mervi Turpeinen / TBWA 3D and Animation Miki Nemcek
Stora Enso
Images for a catalogue for Stora Enso's LUMI-paper family.
Valtteri Bottas for NOLLA
Metsä Annual Report
Images for the Metsä annual report with Mira Kurko & Sinar P3.
Papers for UPM Raflatac
Set design by Anna Pirkola
Amanda Essén
Witnessing the Commitment.
Research for a client
Campaigns for Fazer Pure Dark AD Sami Kelahaara / SEK
Fortum Circo Lab
Plastic recyclate produced from post-consumer plastic waste.
Jari Saario
Helsinki-based fireman known for his superhuman abilities. Now planning a rowing-trip over the Atlantic.
AD Heini Puha / Grow Stockholm Set Design Anna Pirkola / Plenty Production Kirsi Pärni / Left & Right
UPM Raflatac
Art Director: Heini Puha / Grow Stockholm Producer: Kirsi Pärni / Left & Right Set Designer: Anna Pirkola / Plenty Assistant: Arttu Kokkonen
Metsä Board
Brand Images for Metsä Board
Campaign images for Tikkurila AD Mikko Halonen / TBWA
Butterflies for Mandatum Life
With Lieneke Weerts for Mikko Halonen / TBWA.
Brand images for the private jet company. Work in progress.
"Ikuistettu" with Anna Pirkola
AD Ossi Gustafsson / Hiekka Graphics 3D Kristian Lindén / Morumotto
Nomen Nescio
"MOVEMENT"-film & stills by NOMEN NESCIO x Ima Iduozee
Plastic Fantastic
Work in progress. Discovering the beauty of football.
Mandatum Life
A serie of stills for Mandatum Life AD Mikko Halonen / TBWA Assistant Lieneke Weerts
Liquid Mysteries
Liquid tests with Phantom Miro - high speed camera.
Olivia Klein
Art Direction / Miika Kemppainen Set Design / Sara Karlsson
Oras Cubista
Campaign for Oras Cubista faucets AD Nestori Brück / Taivas Epica Bronze winner
Anniversary catalogue with Sinar P3 and the stunning Polaroid 55 -film.
A Bloc
Aalto University Campus shopping centre branding Set Design by Anna Pirkola / Plenty Art Director Jesper Bange / BOND
Moving Images
Fazer, SAAS, Kayiwa, Sin Cos Tan
Stockmann Magazine
An editorial for Stockmann Magazine with Susanna Vento. Art Direction by Simon Robinson.
Fugue, Part I-II
Deconstructing New York cityscape in the company of the almighty Bach Johann Sebastian.
Paulig Presidentti
Coffee Branding for Finlands most prestigious coffee, Presidentti. Once a year we have had the opportunity to create these beautiful visuals. With Ritva Isteri and Sami Kelahaara / SEK
Saas Instruments
A serie of moving lights. With Minttu Vesala.
Milk Sculptures
Playing with sourmilk and paints.
Lieke Lights
Lieke Lights is a Helsinki-based brand creating innovative and contemporary lighting. Designed by Simo Serpola.
Jaguar Art Gallery
Image for Jaguar Art Gallery Competition. Got the first & the third place. With Heidi Wikar.
Isaburo 1889 Japan
Images for Isaburo 1889, manufacturer of Premium Bags & Luggages. Designed by Yat.
Bamboo by Hannu Kähönen
Images for a brochure.
Airbus // Tactilon Dabat
Product images for Airbus
Around Journal
With Noora Makkonen
For Mandatum Life Insurance Company. Art Director Mikko Halonen / TBWA.
Fruits & Vegetables
For Mikko Halonen / TBWA Helsinki
"Destroyer" by Sin Cos Tan
The official music video for "Destroyer" by Sin Cos Tan.
Quick Bite
A collection of images for quick review
The Whirl
These were made with a magnetic spinner with water, oil & colors.
Fazer Dark Chocolate
Campaign images for Fazer.
Chocolate - Recipe for Studio
We have been working on a chocolate base that keeps over time, doesn't produce bubbles when in motion and looks delicious.