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Research for a client
Rebranding the Association of Finnish Stone Suppliers
Fortum Circo Lab
Plastic recyclate produced from post-consumer plastic waste.
Advertising for paper industry
Brand images for the private jet company. Work in progress.
"Ikuistettu" with Anna Pirkola
Metsä Board
Brand Images for Metsä Board
With Set Designer Emilia Kärkkäinen & Marissa Luijk
Stora Enso
Images for a catalogue for Stora Enso's LUMI-paper family.
Nomen Nescio
"MOVEMENT"-film & stills by NOMEN NESCIO x Ima Iduozee
UPM Raflatac
Art Director: Heini Puha / Grow Stockholm Producer: Kirsi Pärni / Left & Right Set Designer: Anna Pirkola / Plenty Assistant: Arttu Kokkonen
Plastic Fantastic
Work in progress. Discovering the beauty of football.
Mandatum Life
A serie of stills for Mandatum Life AD Mikko Halonen / TBWA Assistant Lieneke Weerts
AD Heini Puha / Grow Stockholm Set Design Anna Pirkola / Plenty Production Kirsi Pärni / Left & Right
Mandatum Life Cinemagraphs
Stills & Cinemagraphs AD Mervi Turpeinen / TBWA 3D and Animation Miki Nemcek
Campaign images for Tikkurila AD Mikko Halonen / TBWA
Campaigns for Fazer Pure Dark AD Sami Kelahaara / SEK
Liquid Mysteries
Liquid tests with Phantom Miro - high speed camera.
Olivia Klein
Art Direction / Miika Kemppainen Set Design / Sara Karlsson
Anniversary catalogue with Sinar P3 and the stunning Polaroid 55 -film.
Oras Cubista
Campaign for Oras Cubista faucets AD Nestori Brück / Taivas Epica Bronze winner
A Bloc
Aalto University Campus shopping centre branding Set Design by Anna Pirkola / Plenty Art Director Jesper Bange / BOND
Moving Images
Fazer, SAAS, Kayiwa, Sin Cos Tan
Stockmann A+More
Set Design Anna Pirkola Coordination Ninni Nyström
AD Ossi Gustafsson / Hiekka Graphics 3D Kristian Lindén / Morumotto
Stockmann Magazine
An editorial for Stockmann Magazine with Susanna Vento. Art Direction by Simon Robinson.
Fugue, Part I-II
Deconstructing New York cityscape in the company of the almighty Bach Johann Sebastian.
Paulig Presidentti
Coffee Branding for Finlands most prestigious coffee, Presidentti. Once a year we have had the opportunity to create these beautiful visuals. With Ritva Isteri and Sami Kelahaara / SEK
Saas Instruments
A serie of moving lights. With Minttu Vesala.
An image for Genelec speaker manufacturer. The design is by Harri Koskinen. This image was never used.
Building 3-dimensional spaces with plexiglas
Milk Sculptures
Playing with sourmilk and paints.
Lieke Lights
Lieke Lights is a Helsinki-based brand creating innovative and contemporary lighting. Designed by Simo Serpola.
Fazer Liquorice Film & Print Campaign
Advertisement for new Fazer Liquorice with SEK & Frontdesk
Blueprint Genetics
Advertising for Blueprint Genetics, a genetic knowledge company that provides comprehensive genetic testing services.
XZ Campaign Images
Set Design by Susanna Vento, Art Direction by Anton Raevaara / SEK
S-Group Responsibility Report
With Set Designer Outi Kallio and Art Director Christopher Goertz / BOND
Case Stockmann
For several years we have been working on Stockmann's marketing, many campaigns and publications. All the credits go to the incredible Art directors Marleena Heikkilä, Johanna Souru, Heidi Wenger & Sanni Suhonen
Jaguar Art Gallery
Image for Jaguar Art Gallery Competition. Got the first & the third place. With Heidi Wikar.
Isaburo 1889 Japan
Images for Isaburo 1889, manufacturer of Premium Bags & Luggages. Designed by Yat.
Bamboo by Hannu Kähönen
Images for a brochure.
Airbus // Tactilon Dabat
Product images for Airbus
Around Journal
With Noora Makkonen
For Mandatum Life Insurance Company. Art Director Mikko Halonen / TBWA.
Fruits & Vegetables
For Mikko Halonen / TBWA Helsinki
Butterflies for Mandatum Life
With Lieneke Weerts for Mikko Halonen / TBWA.
Quick Bite
A collection of images for quick review
Muotobetoni (Form Concrete) is a new technique to create profiled concrete surfaces in precast concrete industry.
Chocolate - Recipe for Studio
We have been working on a chocolate base that keeps over time, doesn't produce bubbles when in motion and looks delicious.
Finnish Design I-III by WSOY
A three part publication of finnish design, hundreds of images. Editor in chief professor Susann Vihma
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